Andrea Llafet Piano Studio

It is my desire to cultivate a teaching environment that is stimulating, positive, and full of discovery. My goal is that each student will realize his or her own unique potential, at a pace that challenges them but allows them to learn at their individual speed. For this reason, I use a variety of teaching styles and materials in my piano studio. I desire to lead students on a journey of discovering music, both as an art form and as a discipline. We explore the areas of sightreading, transposition, and piano repertoire from all historical periods. We train our ears; we learn how to harmonize, improvise and compose. We learn how to move our fingers, hands and arms most effectively at the piano. We learn how to perform, and how to play with other musicians.  No matter what the student age or personal goal, my success as a teacher is measured by the long term effect on the student. Do they enjoy piano lessons? Will they continue playing the piano and enjoying music throughout their lives?   Do they have a deep, lasting understanding of the music they have studied? Did I help them to achieve their full potential and uniqueness as a musician? Hopefully the answer to these questions will be yes.  Hopefully as a teacher I am inspiring and enriching the lives of others, with a greater appreciation and love for music.